My thought travels me
Once in a while
To a memory of a place,
Hidden in clouds of time.
Not an inviting place,
A city unnamed
Full of restless ghosts.

Here, children go to field trips,
In the country I left behind,
They took us once
To a cemetery
Called Behesheh Zahra
(Heaven of Zahra),
At Iraq’s war time,
My eyes got full of tears,
In a moment, I recognized
Body of a soldier cut in pieces
In a plastic bag, with no name tag…
They buried him and so many others,
In one grave, in front of my eyes.
We all stayed in silence with teary eyes,
I lost my voice then.

I was too young to meet death
In such a cruel, inhuman way.
I read poetry and cry with joy
I read TIME, Life magazine
Now and then,
And reality torture and whip my soul.

I came to understand,
To be a committed soul,
One must not wave the flag of human right,
Talk about justice and fairness in life
Those actions or acts
Neither make them go away,
Nor give us a trophy,
To confirm we are
A compassionate soul.

To be in service,
One must start from home.
To stop all the shadow works,
One must practice unconditional Love.

World is in need of light, love
And awakened souls.

Our lack of awareness
Cost the humanity,
Unity of the world,
and many lives with that.

Let’s stop and prevent more of this,
By unconditional love,
Humility to each face of life.
And start it Now.

©Serena Devi, March 2010, Thornhill Canada

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