I am blessed

I had a name, a face,
A solid place on earth.
Now, walking on air,
Catching up with winds,
Is my place.

I was surrender
By family, friends,
With a job to do,
And a bed to try
All night to sleep and rest.
playing with spirits
Jumping on clouds,
Are my social club.
My belonging rests,
In my beloved God.

One day, I woke up,
Everything was gone,
Sucked into vacuum cleaner of God.
I was left,
Only with one path in front,
Crossing the darkness of void,
Facing truth, eye to eye.

I looked around,
I was alone,
In desert, with no water,
Or shade to hide.

Gradually under heat of the sun,
Skinned peeled,
Layer by layer.
nothing was left,
From my clay,
My life became,
Process of alchemy,
By sunrise, wrapped in healing light of him,
By night, agony and pain,
chained me back to the darkness of void.

Two earthy years passed,
Each day, as long as hundred years.
I burnt alive,
In flames of alchemy,
Till nothing was left from “I”,
The copper turned to silent gold
Full of light.
I became servant of Love.

I do not know,
What happened,
What I become.
Seems I still have a clay,
but I don’t remember,
My face or name.
I rather dance
Night and day,
Till I hear
God’s whisper within.

I rather,
Stay in silence,
Know he will come,
All day and night
My job is to long
For the warmth of his arms
His presence,
For life I become.

I have no care,
In this world,
Except practice unconditional love,
Learn and growth,
Swim in moments,
And look into his smile
Upon my face.

I am blessed,
I am blessed.

© Serena Devi, March 2010, Thornhill Canada

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