To San francisco, my home

I am a dream,
returning to my future,
My home, San francisco.

Nothing between us,
So near,
I hear your ocean waves,
I am empty of attempts,
Or desires to reach behind scripts
To spy on your intention,
When are you open your shores,
To answer the longing of drunken waves.

Memories are washed away,
Between tides,
Since I departed.

Only present flows,
Like a river,
Carrying seasons,
While life unfolds,
End of your streets
Up to twin peak,
When breath plays ball
With frozen tears of time.

The secrecy of morning breeze,
Blends in risen voice of Sun,
Paint, the masterpiece,
“The rainbow of love”.
Colourful leaves,
Gather in dance,
Over Presidio’s park,
Practice gazing,
with ocean’s blue eyes.
Oh, each moment is a surprise,
Sky laughs,
Under open wings of seagulls,
In their new opening,
To catch the speed of light.

you are my home,
Closer than ever,
To earth and still can reach,
To heaven.
No frown dare to sit
On my face,
When my feet stand,
On your ground.

My heart trembles,
When I push,
Seeds of love,
In soil beneath your place,
How could I be so much in love,
with just a place,
A city…
This is a secret that only
The rose that grows
With intention to open up,
Into the air,

My heart dances barefeet,
Hand in hand, with moon light,
In your cool summer nights,
On your clean sandy beaches,
When silence,
Watching us.

My raven heart lives,
In a corner of your blue sky,
In the nest of belonging,
In shade of tree of life,
with a few companions,
Serenity, joy and love.

I am a dream,
Flow as a river,
Returning to my future,
That lives in your seasons,
and breathe into your
Wind, stone, sky and ocean.

Oh, San francisco,
How could I be so much in love,
With just a place, a city…
My lungs are full of air,
Blow kisses,
To reach the clouds,
Over your bays,
Touch the golden gate bridge,
Spread dust, moist with mist,
All over your curves and hills.

San francisco,
Perhaps I left something behind,
Or I just want to live my dream,
Either way,
I am appearing on your soil,
Embrace my clay,
Be my home,
In time and space.

My soul,
already lives there,
She dances,
night and day,
As dust
And rays of light,
Burning in passion,
To meet her clay,
To end a dream
And be the dream.

San francisco, my home,
Now and forever.

© Serena Devi, March 2010, Thornhill Canada

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