A delightful fool

The caravan of tribal inheritance,
Entered into my house,
first, as a visitor,
Then became a guest,
After a while, a host,
and finally,
The master of the house.

They kicked me out,
laughed at my nakedness,
Called me a fool.
The became too comfortable,
With their position,
To realise,
They are the ones,
Trapped between walls.

I am the breath,
with wings
Pass through doors of time,
Carry no baggage,
No secret to hide,
No need to posses
Or be possessed.

I am the boundless light,
abundant with a mansion of the sky,
My guest is the morning mist,
My host,
The silence of day and night,
My master,
The fire in my heart.

I am a delightful fool,
Jumping up and down,
Exchanging love.

© Serena Devi, March 2010, Thornhill Canada

2 responses to “A delightful fool”

  1. Thanks, I wish it was just the state to achieve, the hard part is consistency to keep alignment between heart, mind, words and action and stay in present. We all getting there, and I see a beautiful bird in your sky, reaching to her light.

  2. Beautiful, a state we are all striving to achieve. Thank you for this, Serena!

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