The place

Seagulls passed the well,
They dropped a cloud
Full of juicy fruits
With stars hidden in their bellies.

In depth of darkness,
Silent well listened patiently
To the untold story
Of the untouched place,
Invisible from eyes,
From human’s track and their space ship.

A pure place,
crystalized in her true dream,
Wrapped in an ordinary presence.
Far away from transformative boats,
The noisy construction sites of change.

The place
Without an echo,
Where golden shores
Reach to border of sky,
Within a murmur of breeze
Of freshness of grass after rain.
Where kindness is normal,
A simple act of sharing
Between many hands of
Sun, moon, earth and trees.
Where surviving is not a way,
To long for life.

Where there is no ownership
Or battle,
Between shades of two willow trees
They merge in one under rays of sun.

The place,
Presence continues…

Where gentleness of deer,
Touches peacefully
Wilderness of lion,
To rule one kingdom.
Where wisdom of water,
Satisfy the thirsty vineyard of mind
Free of charge.

The place, empty of pretence,
No marsh of entertainers
With fishing net in hands.

Where, there is no need,
To begin or to end,
To make evil, from good
And call it Truth.

The place where,
Being flows,
In joy of cooperation,
where life is a stream of abundance.
No past,
No fear of tomorrows,
No wound, to heal,
No pain, to cure.

The place that rises
From silence of the well,
And appears
In her ordinary simple presence,
When and only when
Love embraces the soul.

Life begins as the truth itself.
Creation and cooperation,
No more and no less.

© Serena Devi, March 2010, Thornhill Canada

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