When could I end this waiting?
To start my beginnings,
Or finish my endings.

To have the direction
For my prayers,
To think,
And not be troubled by heart’s warning,
To feel,
And not be scared of run deep.

when could I end this waiting,
And accept life
Without a closure,
Surrender to what I really am,
A soul.

To stand free in open fields
And trust,
That sun will rise
And a dark night follows.

This sip is always enough,
When I go to sleep,
Soul is awaken,
Watching my breath.

Here is no difference
From there.
Trust today,
Over yesterdays and tomorrows.

My lover is here.

I have a choice to end this waiting…

By trusting,
“Me and him”
Begins with loving “Me” first.

“Me and him”,
Begins with yearning,
Each separately
On the edge of light and dark,
To cross
The unknown side of the open fields,
To merge
fantasy and dream as one.

When we know,
Having a compass
Gold or silver
is useless
When one cannot trust
The direction.
Time has arrived
To start
Clearing the mind,
End our waiting,
Start living in Now.

We begin our life
By living in love,
By surrendering to Soul
To our own light,
With no fear or hope
Just trust.

© Serena Devi, March 2010, Thornhill Canada

One response to “Trust”

  1. Haunting. Beautifully written!

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