What is the distance
Between our beings?
When a man
And a woman
Loving each other.

How much I want to scream,
” I am my man”,
And in his clay absence
“Loving us”.

There are times,
Depth of my emotion
Becomes narrow in mornings,
And emptiness widens at nights.

There are times,
My eyes are in search,
Through open meadows,
To meet his smile,
While my heart counts
Moving clouds.

I inhale,
Memories arrive,
Embrace me behind my ribs.
I close my eyes and allow,
Allow my heart
to feel my flesh,
Indulges under
sensual skin of femininity,
The empty hole,
Gets full of lust and desires,
I exhale,
Step out my being,
Enter his being,
I inhale
And I become him.

I day dream
once in while,
To disturb his silence,
By my lips,
I become a prey,
Hunted by love and lust,
I fall in my flesh
And cry loud
To be touched,
To feel like a woman again.

I exhale,
I am back to my being,
As a goddess,
Who subsist on his love,
Close or distant,
Doesn’t matter,
When you love.

What binds us together,
Is neither our gender,
Nor our sexual fantasies.

It is the spasm of love,
Gasping our hearts,
When our eyes meet
In silence of reflection,
In darkness
just before
The awakening sun.

We expand,
When our beings
Move in and out of each other,
With each inhale
And exhale.

I become his man,
He becomes my woman.
How could we measure
The distance between our beings
When no longer,
We know,
Which one of us
Lives in the other?

My being,
His being and
Even your being,
Merge in one.
By us,
Loving us.

© Serena Devi, March 2010, Thornhill Canada

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