Soul journey

Soul is aroused,
Another battle
Is about to take place.
One more crest of wave,
In rise,
To shape a new form of light,
Between edge of dawn and twilight.

Alone on her ground,
Streches her wings,
Unsure of her strength
To embrace more of
The mystery of life.

Gazing into eternal,
Shivers her back,
Knowing her path
Is stronger than
Twisted tales of fear.
Exposed by her vulnerabilities,
She choose to burn
In flames of love,
Surrender to the moment,
Step towards to the unknown.

Under infinity gaze,
There is no escape
To seal off the eternal call.

She wore her long white dress,
Put her armor and shield,
Her sword
And finally the golden medallion,
Between her eyes.

She rises,
Beyond lands of Goddesses and warriors
From dark river of void,
Reach to white ocean of joy,
In one breath.

She cuts
The dying parts,
In one act of sword of light,
She must continues,
Till the truth be fully
Awaken in her.

The quiet world,
Behind her face,
Cry for her new wounds
But heal them with delight.

She is closer
To her full potential,
Her eyes looking into
The eyes of beloved.

The look from his eyes,
Opens the lotus hidden inside,
The universe inside of her womb,
Comes to dance.

Soul smiles,
Her courage and love
Will win all the battles
Between darkness and light
On her journey
to Beloved home,
In the name of the fire,
In the name of light,
In the name of God.

© Serena Devi, April 2010, somewhere on planet Earth

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