Till we meet again

Dear readers,
I am grateful for your companionship so far, your comments, insights and encouragements. I feel it is a right time for me to fast words for a while. Empty and clear this vessel, so in the next phase, Beloved voice and words be completely clear and shine through and illuminate the empty place my clay present.

Life is a journey, full of turns and twists to show us who is the Master maker. I am a humble brush in his hands and my color is Love. That is my purpose for the rest of my time here on earth. To exchange love, however there are times, each one of us must fall still and wander in her essence and what comes through that gate is always a mystery. That is how intention could create magic in sense of our beings than really doing get us anywhere, at least in a journey of soul.

I embrace my life one more time through a period of silence, prepare myself to stay unmoved and allow Divine set life in motion and the magic of existence unfolds her beautiful face. I can not wait.

My heart smiles and thanks all of you for greatness of your light and soul.

Till we meet again.
With blessing