I come to you

I come to you,
I come to you.

Mountain trembles,
From sound of my steps,
Running after smell of your gardenias.

My earth body
Shall fall apart,
When rivers meet
In crossroad of hearts,
Where destiny unfolds.

I wear white
and never repeat
one step, twice,
The first will be the last.

Colourless, odorless,
Is the origin of my inheritance,
What I left behind.

I come to you,
With intention
To sacrifice
My earth
In flames of your fire,
To retain the secrecy of water,
To surrender my throne,
To invisible king of air.

My visit might be short,
Spirit is low,
Under the weight of pain.
The chase is on,
Hungry wolves
Hunting after a prey.

I stumble,
Every step of the way,
Under my white garment,
I am chained
To my broken heart.

Now you know,
The story of my shattered clay,
Final attempt
To save the integrity of my soul.

I come to you,
With what is left
From my soul and clay,
Before the coffin is lowered,
Bless my grave,
Rest me in peace.

My first,
Is my last step,
My homecoming,
Ends here.

© Serena Devi, April 2010, somewhere on planet Earth

2 responses to “I come to you”

  1. It is my passionate spirit that is trouble maker for me…My light is your light any time you feel the need.

  2. Serena your light still shines,it matters not where you are for I have felt and been blessed by the who.I would give to you of my light if you needs recieve,you know this to be born of truth from the light of the Devine…….

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