Exchanging glances (Gazing)

The night is turning in,
Her dark cloak.
Stars in despair
Farewell to old cycle,
Their unsure smile,
To welcome a new day.

A bright breathe
Stirs the stillness
In depth of heart.
The new beating starts,
A journey to unknown horizons,
More senses and thoughts,
At the end,
Getting clarity
Is the only way forward.

Open invitation,
To stand in spot light of life,
Dare to be true,
To be seen,
To be heard.

Exchanging glances,
Between light and darkness,
A moment of glory or defeat
Time reveals the truth.

The safest path
To mastery of self,
Crosses over the bridge of unknown
Flames of intimacy with love,
Dwells on the edge of heart.
Gasping for air.

we belong to present,
To freedom
To Soul.

You and I arrive
In the expanded space
Just by exchange of our glances.

We arise through
The strength of heaven,
We reach to speed of light,
We turn into
Bonfire of consciousness,
We become boundless mind,
Stand sure on a ground of immortality,
Facing the light of sun.

We are life,
We have everything we need,
Our path,
Whatever it is,
The safest place to be.

The end is close
So many new beginnings.

The secrecy of silence
Between our glances,
Gazing into the sacred castle of consciousness
Where God speaks.

© Serena Devi, April 2010, somewhere on planet Earth

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