The last supper

My feet,
Hurt and bleed from
Length of the journey,
From walk on your rocky shores,
Where stones and thorns
Cut my flesh,
While my heart crying
For your embrace.

Wind touches my hair,
Pulling me closer,
To this deathless laugh,
Full of ecstasy and joy.
A dream of love,
Closeness to your hands,
To hide my face,
In your merciful force.

Hear pounding of my heart,
While it breaks the shy silence
Between us.
When I get undress
In front of the boundless ocean
Of your eyes,
I drawn myself, willingly
Million times.
Where my belonging to myself ends,
And I being as one with you.

I am a shapeless clay,
Mold me between palms of your hands,
If I struggled,
Draw me closer to your breast,
And blow your passionate flames,
All over my clay,
Burn my heart,
Devour my strength,
Dissolve my will.

Make me naked, open to receive,
To bear sorrow and pain,
To hold the sacred dagger of love,
In depth of my heart,
And bleed, and bleed,
Till no blood is left
In my blue veins.
When I reach to edge of fly,
I cry for your mercy
To crucify my heart,
In your feast of love.

After closeness to your breath,
I take what is left from me,
To top of the mountain,
And let rays of sun,
Melt the rest.

Then I am a free soul,
to welcome your gifts,
The immortality, eternity of life.

Oh, my beloved,
Don’t wait or hesitate,
I know what I am asking,
Push the dagger deep in my heart,
I dance in my own blood.

When you done
Your work with me,
Break this clay in pieces
With your loving hands,
Let death do come,
Let me rise glorified
Before the stars of night,
Before the morning sun.

Crucify my heart,
Let me be the supper,
In your sacred feast of love.

© Serena Devi, March 2010, Thornhill Canada

2 responses to “The last supper”

  1. The last three lines,why do we spend ourselves so and willingly accept the crosses we bear?

  2. I have been thinking about Kali lately. This is right along the lines…

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