You and I

What is that place within,
That thoughts lose their colours
In whiteness of peace.

The deformed life,
Captive in shattered pieces
Rise dusk to dawn
To survive,
To be given a chance
To start all over again,
In wholeness of each moment.

What is that place within,
That I can stand naked before you,
In silence,
Under the light of my beating heart,
Receiving you,
In intimate Now.

The place that stands and shines,
Beyond any speakable word.
When I die in you,
And return to life,
When your boundless light
Touch the burning candle
In temple of my heart.

How could I measure,
The depth of emptiness inside,
and not know that
It could only be filled
By your presence.

The secret between you and I,
Is the story written
By your invisible ink,
Through the pages of my life.
Still unfinshed.

It started a long time ago,
When the silent traveller
Chose my wanderer ship,
That left the shore of ordinaries,
To conquer the extraordinaries.

Her quest took the shape of my heart,
And reached the unreachable,
The place of pure essences,
In their wild and complex serene existence.
Fertile with seeds of new beings,
Fertile with new beginnings.

Why me?
Perhaps for the sense of beauty,
Or my salty tears,
Or because of the simplicity of the shape of my soul
Or the complexity of my ego to surrender and let go
So my destiny unfolds.

Whatever was the reason,
I am here,
And How could it happen,
Without your magical presence,
In every breath I take,
In every word I say.
I wonder,
Who is the poet?
Who is writing me
Saying ….

It is the time
To end my lease,
Move out of the solitude cave,
Choose with love,
The one I call my Anam Cara.
Build a house,
On San francisco bay,
where my clay has a bond
With mother earth,
Where I can rest,
in present.

A place for my roots,
A place for your light,
Where I am Serena Devi,
And you, my soul friend
Where we make love,
On sandy shores,
Under the velvet night
Our earthy clays,
Intimate with Lord of love
In secrecy of silence.

Where all veils are removed,
Only the soul’s light
Is there to be seen.

You and I,
coming together in one soul,
For celebration of joy,
To practice and teach love,
In sanctuary of our union.
Be a Creator
Serving light.

Our laugher as one
Will be the greatest
Of our many creation.

© Serena Devi, April 2010, somewhere on planet Earth

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