We sit,
Far from our destinies,
In waiting,
For sparrows to return,
For a new child,
For a change in our habits,
For a right relationship,
For a life away,
From teeth of separation.

We hope,
Our waiting,
postpone our appointment
With death.

We hope,
By keeping the destiny away,
nothing wakes up,
the sleepy flowers,
not even a moonlight.

We sit,
Far away from our soul,
In darkness of denial,
In waiting,
For a miracle to reassure
Our humanness,
What that means,
We don’t care.
For brave warriors,
Born under Sign of Aquarius.
for accidental fall of a mirror,
To kick our attention,
For wake up.

For God,
To give us a reason,
A proof of his existence,
When we keep our door closed,
Lucked and bolted with ignorance,
To his light.

We hope,
That rainbow visits us,
When shadow peels all layers
Of whiteness,
From face of life.

We hope,
A generous volunteer
Arrives across the universe,
Offer to live,
In our place.

We pass through time,
And hope,
It is Time passing through.

We delay to embrace
What we are,
Rush substance and pain,
Right up through our veins.

Fills up our mind,
With mirage and crave,
For security and reassurance.
A life without a change,
sounds like a cemetary,
without a grave!

Generation after generation,
We have living in exile,
We still look outside,
In search for treasure hidden inside.

Haven’t we had enough
Of this exile,
Living in our faraway self.

If we don’t want humanness,
let’s be a lover,
Dance in the rain,
Be a tree,
Plant grace,
Be a sky,
Spread love.

Perhaps then,
We learn to embrace ourself,
To live our destiny,
Choose a life,
With no fear,
No death.
Lets be a Godlike.

© Serena Devi, March 2010, Thornhill Canada

4 responses to “Godlike”

  1. Serena, you really nailed it! The meaning of our brief lives — it is right here. Live now, love and be one with everything.

  2. beautiful and sad..

  3. My friend I am awestruck by these past several entries and find my own wordsmith quite speechless as he ponders…….

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