Heaven and hell

If heart doesn’t rest,
In Divine’s love,
The gates of heaven,
Will be out of reach,
Hell becomes the safest place,
Ego chooses for human,
To know and live.

The venom in veins,
Is full of illusion,
The sticky substance
Around heart,
separation from light,
The dark night of soul,
Where no prayers could open a door,
Where one’s nature caged,
In vanity fair,
Out of the rhythm of life,
The neglected beauty
Of soul,
Hidden under dead leaves,
In depth of darkness of void,
Away from angle of mercy.

Behind the small window
Faith waits,
While heart sits alert,
To break free,
From reasons chain,
To kindle the light,
To serve the Lord of love.

When the wind arrives
under her wings,
To end her exile
She must not hesitate,
To embrace the mighty lover.
Heart purpose unfolds,
In intimacy with Love.

It secretly gathers
Humans in one place,
Far away from shadow lands
Away from ignorance, arrogance of ego
To live a full life,
To dance,
Days and nights,
To arrive to kingdom of heaven,
With elegance and grace,
For soul to be with her lover.

When Love is so simply beautiful,
Our heavy inheritance rests
In misery roots.
Hurt becomes,
The voice of heart and soul.

Of course,
There is a choice,
Between hell and heaven,
One must give up the idea of
Having both!

© Serena Devi, April 2010, somewhere on planet Earth

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