Fire of Shakti

I am the holy fire
Resides inside longing hearts,
Carves the path of light,
With tears of joy.

The fluid energy
Runs through from garden of Divine,
Pours ecstasy and delight
Plants seeds of hope
On eternal pathway
In middle of clay.
From Head to the root,
From Womb to the heart,
From the third eye
To the kingdom of heaven
The thread of truth.

I am the Soul,
Asks for nothing,
Except joy of oneness with Divine,
Gives everything,
In exchange with grace of eternal love.

I am the clay,
Coming to the end of form,
Shifting to the next level,
Consciousness is all it is.

I am the lover,
Who takes in,
To the last drop of honey wine,
From my beloved mouth,
Even when it tastes,
The bitterness of his silence.

I am the sleeper awake,
Returning to the womb,
To ultimate darkness,
Behind the throne of light,
Where moon sits in one hand,
And the other holds the sun.
When neither of the hands,
Belong to me.

I know then,
I am Divine’s will
And nothing else.
I am empty of “I”,
While the cup is full.

Enveloped in Divine’s love,
I am saved,
I have carried over,
The grave yards of crosses,
A life time waiting for recycle
Ongoing stories of sorrows and pains.

Now, I dance in joy,
With absolute knowing,
My life in separation is over,
I am saved from myself.
Risen from many deaths,
I become free,
To breath.

I am Shakti,
In flow,
In motion,
In love,
In union.

© Serena Devi, May 2010, Still on Earth

One response to “Fire of Shakti”

  1. Absolutely beautiful!! Loved it.
    You create the picture of peace using your words as a paint brush, and love for paint.

    Thank you for sharing.
    Absolutely divine!

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