A naked soul

Vulnerability is a sharp knife,
Peeling my skin,
Layer by layer,
Every time love stumbles
Within four holes of heart.

Undressed from all forms,
Nakedness sparks silently,
Around my clay,
Neon light echos my name,
A naked soul.

The pain,
Marshes in depth of my being,
Risen ghosts
From depth of grave of time,
Dark messengers,
Serving Lucifer,
The dark lord of polarity
With no compassion
To spare any space
From their whips of reverse.

How many times,
A wonderer soul must cross
The wasteland
Under the heat of alchemy
To remember her essence.

Shadow rises
Eye to eye,
And ego feeds her addicted mind
With fear and resistance.

Heart crys
For the fluid joy of dance,
In constant Now.

Soul has to make a choice,
To sleep,
Or keep waking up.

To make an empty vessel
Of her clay,
At any cost and price.

Where soul only serves
The true Beloved.

Wrapped in vulnerability,
I embrace the coming wave of opposition,
Another choice to make,
To fulfill my destiny,
Gaze courageously
In Divine’s eyes,
Knowing truth of my love
Will keep me alive,
In this intimacy.

Beyond light and darkness,
In front of my beloved,
I am a naked soul,
Arriving every moment,
In love.

© Serena Devi, May 2010, Still on Earth

2 responses to “A naked soul”

  1. My friend as I sometimes do I find the last few lines of this collection of you strike me to my soul and speak for me as well.Beautiful words my friend from your beautiful soul…Chris

  2. wow, a great poem, your choice of words is judicious and the imagery you created with them are vivid.well done.

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