The new arrivals

The reflection
Living in the moon,
Constantly changing,
Sits still,
When moon breathe.

The light from her eyes,
Shines in every beginning,
Every end.
The ache in hearts,
The longing to belong,
The wondrous feelings,
Behind tears,
Rest in her sacred space,
Where lips of love
Put fire on everything,
It burns our identities,
Brings down walls of separation,
Dissolves the rigidity of form,
Fluid delight is what we become.

Flow is our nature,
Arrive new,
Moment by moment,
Is our purpose,
To dance our dance,
Towards wholeness,
Soul joins soul
In oneness.

When we celebrate,
His arrival,
The poet,
The Sheppard,
The key holder of heaven,
The composer of the song of love,
The breath of change,
The new rhythm through
Empty vessels.

The promise
Of the new arrivals,
Surrendered to eternal love,
Upon the earth,
Openers the fertile gateways
Sacred portals,
Between earth and heaven,
Merges form and formless existence.

There was only one Jesus Christ,
In the truth of now,
Billions of sacred spaces,
Clearing their vessels,
Floating in all possibilities.

To be a portal of light
Is a choice,
Could only be made
Through an open heart,
Where unity lives,
Where love smiles.

© Serena Devi, May 2010, Still on Earth

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