Prelude to beloved kiss

In the garden of Love,
My graceful beloved
Rests on the white carpet of
Sweet Magnolias.

I kiss his hands
Cover them with
Colorful leaves of my happiness.

Blue sky showers over us
With abundant rays of sun.
His face is close,
The space between our lips,
Prelude to the beloved kiss,
Flames of desires,
Give birth to fire inside of my heart.

Reason left,
From the back door
When our lips
Met over the passionate rainbow,
Away from cloudy thoughts.

Everything dances
In brightness of our love.

I left my mask behind,
The circus of illusion,
Has played the final act,
Staged my death.

I got my freedom,
In exchange
To be slave of his love.

I am a nameless wanderer now,
A thief in beloved’s garden of love,
Only long to steal
A kiss from his firy lips.

I finally got caught
In cage of heart,
Embracing love.

I serve the master of winds,
In joy and delight,
Free from the masquerade
Love takes me
On her wings,
To any direction,
My beloved desires
To blow a kiss.

Being in love
Is the story of my life,
Can be yours,
If only,
You let him
To blow you a kiss.

© Serena Devi, May 2010, Canada still is inviting…

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