My King

What rests in my heart,
Is hard to catch,
Easy to slip,
From my grip.

I have a king,
Who speaks in silence,
His eyes,
Strip me off
From all accessories,
I become.

Loving my King,
Is the passion
In my blood.
Burning flames,
Are our nest together.
What rests in my heart,
Is all I want to speak about,
The rest is only an excuse.

I became fearless,
When my eyes met,
The face of endless love,

I became speechless,
When my king’s lips,
Released my soul.

I opened my wings
But I realized,
There is nowhere to go,
It is all here,
It is all him.

© Serena Devi, May 2010, Canada, Toronto

One response to “My King”

  1. My friend I shall be sure to point my lady love in this direction to this very slice of your beauty that shines here as I know she will adore these words and I would have her come to see them with her own eyes.I as kindred spirit to you know you will appreciate the visit……….I enjoyed the reading of them but this is a poem for a lady’s eys to truely appreciate…

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