The breath of God

My clay is possessed
By Divine’s presence,
No force could
Bring the old me back
Or free the heart,
From his love.

I am dissolved,
In his breathe.

A simple process
Of sucking air
In one complete cycle of dance
On the edge of inhale and exhale.

The gateway between
Two faces of one end.
The indigo spiral,
Direct passage to depth of the dark hole,
With billion golden eyes everywhere.
The next step,
Rises above heaven and hell,
Directly to the source of light,
The heart of creation.

Don’t ask,
What “I” want,
“ I “ diminished
When I met God.
The voice in “I” place,
Is the naked soul,
The empty space,
To make love,
With love,
Through the One breath.

I have lost the ownership,
Over the kingdom of my clay,
My hands, my feet, even my smile.
The only sign of my being,
Is the burning flame of love,
Marching in four corners of my heart.

From my womb,
Wisdom roots planted in Gaia,
While my skulls cut in middle
Opened and bombard
By shiny dots of consciousness,
Flow beyond speed of light
Time or space.
Behind the eyes,
Silent lotus bloomed.
The magic of truth
Raised in one simple act of sacrifice,
When “I” burnt willingly
In flames of eternal love.
So the beloved face,
Could be seen
On each carved line of pain,
On my earthy face,
His voice,
Could be heard,
In each word I say.

Yes, his love crushed my bones,
To connect the power of his will
to collected web of consciousness
In the current space and time.

Our creation took place
In One breath of beloved.

With his inhale,
Human kind sucked into the womb of life,
With all possibilities to attract and co create,
In that stillness,
Where we could manifest
By the power of choice.
To stay with the beloved breath
And fulfill the desire of the One Breath
To embrace and dissolve gracefully
In eternal love.
In the beloved exhale.
To resist and fall out of the cycle,
In “no breath” space,
Return to unformed existence
Store there,
Till a new Divine’s desire rises.

In a few moments,
On the edge of breath
The gateway,
Opens up
and soul could meet God,
A shift
From temporary to permanent,
From mortal to eternal,
We could give up the ownership
Of the place of “I”.

And let faith does the rest.

Don’t ask,
What “I” want,
“I” never was here,
God is here,
God is all it is.

© Serena Devi, May 2010, Canada, Toronto

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