Your blue eyes

the empty armchair
In front of me,
Saw the pain of lost
On my face.

Hours in waiting,
I finally accepted
My friend won’t come.
I might never
See his face again.

Tomorrow is another day,
When I sit in our place
Empty of his presence.
I ask again
Where are those blue eyes,
The clear ocean of delight,
Where I found the courage,
To be naked again,
Wash my soul and flesh
In its abundant smile.

When I rested
In his strong arms,
Felt his warmth breath
On my neck.

Pain inside of my chest,
Presses her cold fingers,
All over my skin,
Where his lips
Used to kiss.
Sadness pushes dark clouds,
Over my heart,
When I remember
How he walked away.
When my heart stopped
In its cage.

I sit here alone,
Every time a car arrives,
Heart jumps with hope
In a moment,
Tears drop on my face,
Heart fell back into silence.
My friend won’t come today.

Destiny unfolds,
Between two strangers,
Gazing into each other
Wishing for one desire.
Joy of oneness.

My friend,
Thorns of your absent
Hurting core of my being,
Don’t let me leave,
Without seeing your blue eyes.
Without giving you my smile,
Without feeling your lips,
One more time
On mine.

© Serena Devi, May 2010, Canada, Toronto

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