Across the air

The poet paused,
Her gaze followed
The thorny borders
Between heart and mind,
Where shades of doubt,
Merges under the Sun,
Open a new path,
For the river of possibilities
To flow.

Take the wanderer traveler
To new gates of love,
Where wild orchids smiling,
In each pause of the poet.

When her hand
Taken out the pen of light,
In the moment,
Inhale arrives,
Where  air rushes in
The chamber of heart
Reveals the mystery of love
Behind deformed wounds of time.
Taken by traveler’s choice,
Step by step
On the pilgrimage to eternal love.
In desire to rest,
In beloved arms.

Exhale arrives,
When ink rushes
Over the virgin white sheets,
Where infinity appears
In simplicity of one act,
To Love.

Expression across the air,
Reaching out,
 To be met,
In silent chamber of another heart,
Where hope works with faith,
When hearts subtle enough
To hear,
The One soul breathe.

Traveler arrives home.

© Serena Devi, June 2010, Canada, Toronto

One response to “Across the air”

  1. Oh my friend I have no words to describe the stunning beauty you place here before my very eyes.The virgin page has been graced to fulfillment by she who walks with beauty in her soul……

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