After the storm,
Old wounds
Are washed
Cleaned by rain.
Pain has changed
Over and over
The world inside.

Journey continues
Beyond boundless fields,
Form merges in formless,
Behind the goldengates.
A pathway opens up
To the place
Called “paradise”.

All noises stop
And serenity speaks.
The inner landscape
Uncovers her beauty.
“I”, the weaver of the outer world
Fall in stillness,
To receive, what is needed the most;
To be whole.

Silence fills the sky,
Vivid vision of the burning desire
Put the fire back,
In a middle of the heart.
Beating rises,
And race
With the mighty light.
How could I tell
What eyes see afterwards,
When mind is captured,
In depth of his dark eyes.

Under the magic of moonlight
Brave heart dares to open up,
Breathe beyond earthy senses,
Reach to paradise
Where his face touches mine,
His gaze makes love to mine.
I become a thief
To steal a kiss
From his loving lips.
Dissolve myself
Drop after drop,
Till my empty cup
Filled by his dreams.

He whispers,
His breath of longing,
Heart melts in ecstasy,
Passionate fire, she becomes.

The dancer,
On top of the world,
Where joy smiles,
On her violet throne,
Behind the eyes,
In the place,
Called ”paradise”.

How could I tell
What eyes see afterwards,
When “I” fall in silence.
See me, in dance,
Between his arms.

I am in beauty,
Before me,
Behind me,
Above me,
Below me,
Around me.

I am in love.
I am in paradise.

© Serena Devi, June 2010, Canada, Toronto

2 responses to “Paradise”

  1. I stare blankly at words on page knowing that I can not find my own words to describe what heart sees here.I am lost somewhere between the lines of beauty that are my friend Serena….Your light shines brightly here my friend…C

  2. this is amazingly beautiful. i love it. my poetry isn’t as good. if you want to check it out it’s at

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