Complete illumination

Another repost…
When a Soul stretches
Towards the sun,
gives up her dream for a free will,
She diminishes sense of self,
In flames of eternal love.

Divine’s will is what Soul is made of,
The ultimate ecstasy,
Is to stay chained with eternal love,
Devoted agent of the Light.

Dance, his dance,
Love, his love,
Presence, his presence,
Be his evergreen,
Soft velvet skin,
Open to receive,
The mystery
behind surface and form,
In exchange,
Strip off
from all claims
to the earthy clay.

Her beloved’s smile,
This is all she wants.

Soul stretches beyond
Edge of pain,
or anxiety of the shadow
to meet her end.
Gives up her free will,
Surrender to flames
of mighty will,
The final stage of evolution,
Complete illumination in light.

She merges
In formless,
Divine smiles.

© Serena Devi, March 2010, Thornhill Canada

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