The twinflames

If you can’t kiss the soft skin of wise serpent,
Do not entre to the castle of heart,
If you can’t dance to melody of nightingale
Do not take off your shoes,
If you don’t dare to get naked,
Do not swim in ocean of the truth.

If you are not ready to give up your life,
To be one with your twinflame
Do not step in path love.

Dried blood
On your invisible wounds,
Reminds you
Of constant burn in your heart.
Shadow and light
Endures the same life.

The wailing of broken hearts,
Is the place they meet,
To tussle in each other’s arms,
To teach hearts
How to fall in Love.

Looking inside,
I feel
The edge of love’s dagger
Cutting through my heart,
From deep inside
Blood running out,
Soul is in agony,
Crying out.
Embrace me,
Break me in pieces,
Mold me in One.

Do not leave me
In darkness of void.
Where could I fly
With only half of my soul?

The castle gates are broken,
Heart is free of chains,
Walking in her blood,
In search for her twin soul.
Intoxicated by love,
Have lost all her senses,
Flames have burnt her,
Inside out.

For the grace of God,
Let her die
Endure her with the no ending joy,
The lasting beauty
Of her twinflame.

Is there any answer,
Or cure for Love?

Heart pulsing with passion,
Flames on a rise,
Waves of desires
Embrace the far away shores,
She disappears
In love’s horizon,
Wind blows
Her ashes, her dust,
On her beloved,
Twinflame’s stubborn heart.

For what she could complain,
If so it be the one place
Their parted hearts join,
Their one Soul lives.

If you are not ready to give up your life,
To be one with your twinflame
Do not step in path love.

© Serena Devi, June 2010, Canada, Toronto

One response to “The twinflames”

  1. The heart she commands with her words. I am humbled by the power of these words before me my friend.You again touch me and true to form espicaly with the last few lines,for I have surrendered my single soul to become one with another and in the giving have recieved more than I could have dreamed of…..

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