Across the mirror

The source of reflection
Changes by seasonal tides
Centre of the wheel,
Is the only place
My heart could find a moment in peace.

Temptation of desires burns
Beneath the skin,
My eyes get full with tears.

Night arrives,
When I could see in darkness
The surface disappears,
Under the familiar moon,
When the face of love,
Hunting my soul.

Across the mirror,
There are his blue eyes,
His smile confuses me
His kisses make my heart race,
And his anger,
Shivers the core of my being.

Words fall into the silence,
Every time
His passionate hands visit
Over hungry pulses of my desires,
He washes me
With smile
In his blue fountain of delight,
Where I witness,
How the unknown unfolds
Between our firy embraces.

I secretly long,
To be a life time prisoner
In his arms.
Still shivering inside
Of what I desire.

I am confused
By what I see,
What I feel,
But not enough to forget
How much I love the way
He makes my heart beats.

© Serena Devi, July 2010, Canada, Toronto

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