The one desire

Nothingness scratches
Outside of a normal shell
Inner landscape
Painted in color of love
Reveals the secret
Behind the painter’s brush.

Beauty unlocks the gate
Traveller starts the new cycle
Between birth and death….

Threads of her tapestry,
Untie, fold and tie back again,
In her each approach to meet Others
Destiny unfolds
The mystery of unknown.

Passion for life is a claim
That not all hearts could make
And stay true with.

When truthful moon shines,
Upon the dark earth,
Seeds of love planted in time,
Answer their call.

To grow, as a tree
Spread their leaves
Covered In tears,
Awaken to her promise,
To fulfill the hunger inside.
The desire,
To grow beauty,
Inside out.

Spring breeze, touches
All over the tree
Edge of love appears,
In the dream
To break free
From cycle of seasons,
The chambers of earth,
Outside of the root,
With the wild wind.

The shy soul
Releases the self
From the shape of her clay
In each encounter
with Others.

When the shiny moon
Reflects back
the shadow,
Glued to her clay,
Flames of love
Feed by passion to belong
Rises from deep inside
In the shape of waves.

The spasm of heart,
Shakes her vision,
Her world,
Inside out.
Destiny unfolds
The mystery of unknown.

Soul must sing
The song of eternal love,
The waves of awakening
Make their way
Towards golden pebble shores,
In the form of her lips
Kissing the beloved face.

Dissolved in love
Transformed soul,
Learns the silent dance
Traces and feels
The mystery of different selves,
No attempt
to runaway or interfere
The flow of life
In her.

Across the bridge
In horizons,
The vivid rainbow breathes
The promise of learn and growth.
Here to eternity
Sings the song of love
To fulfill
The one desire of all

Joy, joy, joy…….

© Serena Devi, July 2010, Canada, Toronto

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