The sacred vow

Ocean went silent
Wind became still,
Cinnamon secret warmth
Spread over in the air.

Early light of dawn
Cracked the solitude walls
Around the shy face of moon,
Brightened sky,
Offered the empty whiteness
Of unknown,
To sensual force of Sun.

Over passionate cliffs,
Hidden in mist,
Goddess of Earth
Made love with
The Light.
Where crimson tides began,
Their phenomenon journey
Into the wilderness of forms,
Touching, feeling, loving…

Duality wakes up in a pair,
Divine smiles
At the virgin beauty
Ready to merge
Between two waves
Of the one ocean
Reaching to the landscape
Of their forms, clays,
Tasting the ultimate urge
The wonder behind
The temple of senses
Closeness to touch.

The sacred vow,
To plant the seed of love,
To fulfill the purpose, the desire
To become One….

The first child
Is the inner-child,
In the attempt
To embody the Light,
Through minds and hearts.

Merging the two worlds
In one happy place
Called “home”,
The house of joy,
Where rhythm of life
In each voice,
Mirrors the happiness inside,
How mindful they must become,
When one approach the other
To embrace,
To make love.

To open up,
Lose the self,
How courageous
The soul must become
To walk through
The dark underworld
Full of demons and unknown caves.

To get exposed,
And stripped of everything,
So could recognize
The truth inside.

To love
And stay in love
With all reflections.

When no reflection appears
The waves are freed of tides,
The wonder of touch,
The intimacy
In and out.

When the world of forms
Is no longer a mystery
Duality ends.

When twinsouls awaken
To their sacred vow
“Now” is a bliss
For everyone,
Earth or Paradise
Twinsouls breathe
as One
In love.

© Serena Devi, July 2010, Canada, Toronto

2 responses to “The sacred vow”

  1. Thank you Jingle. Nice to see your smile:-)

  2. precious and beautiful.
    love your style!

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