Eureka and Noe

To S,
With all the love
That lives in the place of my heart.

Eureka  and Noe
Twin peaks,
They are hills that are lonely,
Covered in clouds,
seeking light.

Looking up and down,
Questioning the purpose,
Of the stable silence beneath,
The reason,
Behind the sound of wind,
When touches the rocks of sea.
When their gaze
Wanders in the mist.

Rain washes
The mud from the face of earth,
The witness
Chained in silence
Of their hearts,
Speaks of the centuries,
Living unmoved.
Living in faith.

West-facing slopes
Shattered by
Fog and strong winds,
The east-facing
Receives sun and warmth.

The East rises to her beauty
When the west
The yellow tulips do not exist.
The fresh air could be taken away,
If he opens up to love.

The lonely hills
Divided by valleys  
Separated by
shadow of the mist.
For centuries.

The unbearable burden
Around their necks,
Heaviness of life,
Over the shoulders,
Salty path of tears
Carved on their faces.

Could one deny ,
The beauty of them,
Leaning in each other’s arms
Not knowing,
They belong to love.

Next to their skin,
The adventurous sky
Splashes light around,  
Rays of sun touches
The unchanged shadow
Over the rocks,
Breaks the hardness inside
To welcome the silky shape
Of change.

The two peaks,
Open up to their perfection
Path of love
Between their hearts.

Winter, spring,
Summer and finally autumn

October days return
With the open embrace  
To drink from cup of love,
To celebrate
The sacredness of life
Under the sun.

The Bride in white,
Smiles at her groom  
Approaching her
To reunite the lives of the fire,
Dancing flames of force
Depth of their core
Falling in love….

The wind of passion
Rises from his sea,
Touches her soft curves,
Twin peaks giggle and laugh.

Their loneliness ends,
In fluid waves,
Completing themselves  
Over the misty bay,
In the blue sky.  

The world falls in silence
When they kiss
Dusk till dawn
From where they stand.

Eureka and Noe
Arm in arm,
Walk the invisible staircase,
Towards their home
In love…

© Serena Devi, July 2010, Canada, Toronto

One response to “Eureka and Noe”

  1. nice to hear your voice and poem 🙂

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