The shaman

Through the thin air
In the house of life,
The passage of heart,
Leads deeper inside
The dream of all
The mystery of love.

Spirit speaks
The story of
The sacred waterfall
The transparent spiral staircase
To the other world
Hidden from eyes,
Guarded by power animals…

Once upon a time
The bravest warriors
Of each tribe
Gathered at dawn.
The ritual began,
To travel back,
To travel forward
In and out of time.

They danced around the fire,
Called their ancestors’ names,
The shield of wisdom,
Smoked into the pipe of peace,
Bowed to the four sacred directions,
Painted their faces with rainbow colours,
Buried the old customs,
blowed the ashes in wind,
Welcomed their vision quest.

In the house of life,
They were shown,
They were seen,
The invisible passage,
Hidden inside of the flesh
Beyond time and space.

They dared to look into
The eagle’s eyes
Spirit breathe
into their faces,
They became
The Shaman….

The leaders of the new world
Intimate with power animals
Supported by forces ,
beyond measure
Travellers in time
The shapers of the Dream.

The shaman
Never sleeps,
In the presence of Spirit
He performs the dance of creation
In harmony with the breath
Leaves the outer world,
Enters the Dream
Become the master of the elements…

The bravest warriors
Found the invisible path
They disappeared
Behind the sacred waterfall.

Oh, yes,
Moved towards them…..

Through the thin air,
In the house of life,
Spirit breathes,
Out of the Shaman
Inside of you,

Out of you.
Oh, yes
Spirit moving towards you.

Could you see
The waterfall…..


© Serena Devi, July 2010, Canada, Toronto

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