A blue butterfly

I am my woman,
On the road to unknown,
Connecting east of my dreams,
To west edge of eternal life.

Undo slowly
The woven threads
Of tapestry of time,
Listen to my own hums,
Fading in shadow
In the waiting room of love.

The dream to have endless wings,
A blue butterfly
Free of fears,
Prepare to burn her new wings
With his flames of passion
In crimson sky of love.

East or west,
Both could take me to one place,
Love, love.

I am my woman,
Who sit in front of the mirror,
Comb her hair
Just to have an excuse
To remember the day his passion
Birthed her…

The day,
They bathed in the river of fate.
The shape of his fingers on her heart,
Was enough for her many yesterdays.

For tomorrow,
Her strength might not keep away,
The seductive flute player
After pleasure of her flesh,
While her heart still stops,
The hummingbird sings their song.

I am my woman,
Asking Time
To end the gravity of this unidentified place,
Where my mind constantly questions
The intention of my heart.

If he doesn’t return
To seal his lips
On her burning flesh,
A stranger
Could remove
The sacred veil from her face,
The new hands,
Wash her tears away.
Or dare to invite her
To the red tent,
Beneath the green pillar of rain,
To place roses on her lips,
To whisper Rumi’s poem in her ears..
To promise,
If they make love,
In black and white sheets
The memory of her beloved will fade away.

He doesn’t know,
Fate called them by names,
They fell in dream of love,
How could she return,
Forget where she belongs…

I am my woman,
Free me from the mirror of time,
Bind me
To eternal light of rose,
Crown me with drunken clouds,
On their way to top of the world.

I am my woman,
Neither alive or dead
Without my man,
Without my king.

The rhyme inside
No longer sounds like me,
The murmur,
Out of her throat,
Is the mantra,
Repeating her longing
To return to the day
His passion birthed her.
The day
They bathed in the river of fate.

I am my woman,
A blue butterfly
With endless wings,
Prepare to burn
In flames of love.

© Serena Devi, July 2010, Canada, Toronto

2 responses to “A blue butterfly”

  1. Thank you dear Dthanja, You always bring your beautiful light and depth in the reflection that these poems draw and paint.

    I never dreamed of living this dream, it is beyond words, the landscape of love within and without in every breath I take, many blessing … Serena

  2. Greetings Serena,

    Your works and words continue to astound,amaze, and inspire! I think it would not be too much of a stretch to suggest there are many people benefiting from your poetry!



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