Declaring my love for you

This morning,
I found a golden star
Between my breasts,
Making a boat
From roses you left
On my beating heart.

Moving up and down
Drawing sweet memories
From mark of your lips
On drunken skin of mine.

She knows the secret,
Inside my heart.
The naked beautiful sad woman
Stretches her soul
With hope
To reach to your impossible shores.

Offers the landscapes of her eyes,
The fullness of her breasts,
The wetness of her lips.

She is in love with you,
Since the voyage of longing
Between your hungers,
your embraces
Desperate desires
To be each other’s earth
To be each other’s sky.

In distance,
Your heart echoes
The impatience of craves,
The bitter taste of my tears,
On your manly chest

Are they still there?
In the breath, left under your ribs,
The echo of desires
To cross the river,
Bite the apple,
End the temptation,
Be free of the heat of fire.

Begin a new day,
With a new poem
A flirtation of words, harmless fun
Unless a woman’s heart
To go down to the edge of blade,
To fall in love.

Was it your face?
Your wonderful smile,
Or your essence.
Do you remember
how you sealed my lips with
your heavenly kiss,
Before my departure.
When I was transformed
To a brave butterfly
Declaring my love for you…

We both know
What happened next…

Destiny tied our dark hair together
Merged the silent sail
Return to eternal,
The nothingness.

Since then,
My waiting is only for your return,
To start our life together.

How many more boats must sail to your bay,
How many more stars must listen to my crying heart
Don’t you know by now,
Your life,
my life
Would never be the same
When earth and sky
Have kissed the lips of love.

All roses in my heart are gone,
I have no boat left….
….To sail

Find me again
Bring me your sweetness
Bring me a lotus this time.
Bring me your love
Bring me your love…

© Serena Devi, July 2010, Canada, Toronto

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