The requiem

Mozart’s introitus, requiem album, a more clear voice than mine.

The breath of the new earth
Rises from bottom of the sea stones,
The judge will come
What is hidden,
Will appear.

Walked so long, saw so much
The ancient eyes of soul,
Behind the face of man…

The spring times of the emperors
The winter end of kingdoms
The burn of thrones
The change of rigidness,
In the river of flow.

The transformation of a caterpillar
To the mighty butterfly.

The embracement
Of the blue print of soul
With love
In answer to her call.

Crossing the darkness of shadow
Homecoming of light.

The rise of
king of shadow,
The master of darkness,
The death.

The unknown beyond
Black ocean of light
The wheel of justice,
Nothing will remain untouched,
When alchemy occurs,
The requiem will begin….

The mass celebration of the death,
The end of seeking,
The lightening power of penetration,
The immortal life.

The beginning
Of the beating heart
The new earth.

Heaven and hell
Rises from the burning ashes.
All creation is awaken.

The boundless fields of sunflowers
Leans towards the Sun.

The day of reunion,
The judge will arrive
Will dissolve all
Back into the darkness
Of womb of creation.
Death and life marvel.

Fall, fall
Before hills of colors,
Before valleys of forms,
Open to wisdom of turtles
The memory of the ancient eyes of soul,
Hear the voice of God,
The requiem will begin….

All will dissolve in ashes,
In dust,
The crushed hearts,
Will carpet the path of love
The white milky way
Connects the universe
Through the eternal fire.

Dissolved Soul
Will open her vulnerable eyes
To beautiful face of her beloved.

When alchemy occurs,
Welcome the death,
The requiem begin….

The end of seeking,
The immortal life…

© Serena Devi, July 2010, Canada, Toronto

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