I am finished, upon this hill…

I have returned
From the underworld
Inside my womb
Where I remembered
And forgot
The woven web of memories…

Life after life
Stored inside of my DNA
From head to toe
In flames of lava.

Walls sighted
On their fall in darkness of light
In Whiteness of love.

My loving lips finally opened up
To give birth, to give care,
To love…

The alley under my open window,
Covered in white cherry’s blossoms.
A clear passage
To welcome the camel of my groom
Approaching my bride.

The tribal ritual begins
Lighten cracks the dark skies
I am the lover,
I am the beloved.

Violet is the color of my skin,
White veil covers my virginity
From head to toe.

I am the bride of my groom,
I am the Unity,
I am the earth and the sky.
I am the Mother, the Father,
I am the womb of creation.

Place your hands
in my loving hands
Open your lips to the caresses
of my loving lips.
My heart is like a lotus
My eyes, heaven’s waterfall.

I am no longer on hills
Carrying my cross,
Look at my crucified body,
My hands are gone,
There are wings in a place of shoulders.

I rose and fell down
At the same time,
When I crossed the two rivers of light.
To shape the closest path
To evolution of my soul.

Where this lava is coming from
… no ending burn…

I am finished, upon this hill…
Many more hills to come,
The courage is my only gift
To carry this cross
And stand alone
Beyond my crucified flesh.

Every time,
My bride meets her groom,
Walls fall down,
The rivers unite.

Eternal passion is the wind
Under my wings,
To take me home
To womb of creation.

I am finished
Upon this hill…

© Serena Devi, August 2010, Canada, Toronto

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