The Emerald

Sadness is an uninvited guest
Sitting in the empty frame of door,
Pressing her thorns
Whispering her breath of yearning
For what is out of reach,
Out of touch, out of sensuality,
Something that I can’t merge with,
Making love with….

Who had the keys?
Who forgot to lock the doors
Keeping this sponge away…
What she seeks,
Or offers
In exchange
For a moment alone,
For privacy with your dream.

I swim in your dream
My skin still soft
Still young, still offering
The emerald inside of heart,
To the one who is brave enough,
Mad enough
To give it all to love
And burns in its intensity
Only then
hurt is the truth
And could
Chase the sadness out,

I wonder,
Making love must be more than
Two fleshes jumping up and down,
Making sounds
Forgetting their separation
In the joy
they claim
in this play,
And call it
“act of love!”

Joy is standing naked
In circle of love
Laughing at their try…

This sadness,
How did it get in
Is it the voice of old crippled feelings
Stored in bank of memories,
Behind my longing heart
Chained to your dream.

Tonight more than ever,
I want you close…
Walk in with your light,
Take the emerald,
Be my king,
Chase the sadness out,
Kiss my lips…
Let my sensuality speaks…
Let me fall in silence
And we make love …
In old fashion ways,
In tantric ways.
My hands speak,
My eyes sing,
My lips offer,
And my heart melts
Inside of your love
I become so small,
Between you large hands,
In a moment,
in a moment
I become all joy
I disappear in you…..

My beloved,
The invitation is
Tattooed on my heart,
Don’t let it fade away.

Tonight, I broke all the doors,
I dressed in your favorite color,
I removed my veil
My naked soul is on flames
And my white, soft flesh cries
For more joy…

come, come,
Take the emerald
let me fade away….

© Serena Devi, August 2010, Canada, Toronto

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