In your bed

The arrow freed in the air
Found a place to land.

I can’t find my body,
Only pain lightens
The place
Your arrow chose to reside.
Inside of the hollow
Silence lives.

The dark Master,
Started his tracks from depth of my heart,
Arms and legs are numb,
I can’t find my mind.

My folded hands,
Open and close
Clap anytime,
His dark eyes meet mine.

Palms together,
I bow to his ocean of mystery,
Oh, My lord,
your smile makes me feel hot…

Inside of the cave,
The awaken dragon rises high
The fire comes out of his mouth,
Brings the red petals to life
To death.
His crimson robe covers my pale flesh,
I am witched by my raven Master.

He feed me nectar,
Tempt me to swim deep
In the dark infinite ocean of his fury
Kiss the lips of white seashells
Unwrap them from silent leaves
Bring them to surface
To speak, to murmur
Their yearning to return…

The dark raven
My Master,
Lets end the uncounted lifetimes.

I can’t feel my body,
My mind is gone,
Only the arrow inside of my heart
Speaks through pain
The desire to belong.

Enough of all these nonsense,
I want to sleep
In your dark cave,
In your bed,
With your black snake,
I will hopelessly drink
The poison,
The nectar,
From his tongue.

The raven Master,
I can’t feel my body,
When are you coming?
To feed me nectar…

The red dragon,
Swallowed my body
What is left,
Chant, dance,
Yearn to return
To your dark ocean of infinity,
To your bed,
Bring your snake,
I will not make a sound…

© Serena Devi, August 2010, Canada, Toronto

One response to “In your bed”

  1. That is a very powerful poem. Keep it up

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