From pomegranate to stars

You find
The quiet corner
Far away from crowd,
Sit and wait,
Till the clock inside of your mind stops.

Your eyes follow the shade’s journey
Between stop signs
Abandon places,
Immeasurable darkness
Where you used to play
Hide and seek,
Now, the spotlight is on…

The unwanted,
Unwelcomed senses
What feed upon your face,
What runs with speed of light
When heart gives a possibility
In her sobering
To have an encounter with fear,
Unfaithful play mate,
Who steals hope,
The courage to live fully
In love.

Your waiting ends,
When you choose
pulsing with your life.
You first step
To return to pomegranate,
And her full belly of red seeds,
Then the smile comes…

You move out of the power play.
Transform the shades to light.
No longer defeated
by the dark corners inside.

The next encounter
With fear,
You sit voluntary
Sobbing on your kitchen floor,
and let tears stop you from staring out
you know, there is nowhere to hide…
For what you seek,
you must delve deeper inside.

It feels good,
When you know after each dead,
You rise higher,
Closer to stars…

© Serena Devi, August 2010, Canada, Toronto

2 responses to “From pomegranate to stars”

  1. Dear Anaiya
    I am humble to be a place, that my friend could rest her head and let her beating heart leads her to that undiscovered waterfall where she used to play before the darkness of forest appeared. ,
    May every step you take, grace walks with you and one you leave behind, be a track that lightens other’s path.

    Much love


  2. One breath at a time, one day at a time, one encounter at a time I gently step my way through this forest. Quietly stepping barefoot in the snow, as not to leave too much of an impression, just enough to say ‘I exist’.

    Your poetry holds me in the place between night and day..

    I thank you with all my life for your companionship…

    In Love,

    Anaiya x

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