When I complain of loneliness,
You walk away, facing other lovers
You leave me alone,
With mirror in hand.

Then dark hollow inside
Gets full,
A prologue of ghosts
Released from the hell…
All I did was a complain!
The sentence,
Encountering the demon
The alley
that was left unopen
In quest to meet beloved.

I must let this day die gracefully,
Tomorrow, I call it memory
Now, it is just a pain
Are we really seperated?
Were we really united?

Something deep inside cracks
When mind goes around and around,
for too long…

I am going to sleep alone
On naked leaves,
When monsoon arrives
I hannah my hands,
I put silver moon on my head,
Wait under the rain… for dark night to fall from heaven…
I stay out there, wet and ready,
I know, you will come back
To forgive the ungrateful lover…
Have your way with me,
Move me,
Hold me in your arms
Bring me home
In your silent way.

Everyday is a monsoon
Bring me home….

© Serena Devi, August 2010, Canada, Toronto

2 responses to “Monsoon”

  1. Beautiful…no other words are needed.


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