With love

One day we wake up
Open our windows,
breathe the air,
Knowing we are alive,
with no idea that someone has died
Last night or many other nights.

The woman, no longer lives here
The man, has gone a long time ago,
What lives here, has no name, or face.
Doesn’t sleep,
it is a dream herself…
Detached from surface,
Have roots in permanent.

Happiness, sadness,
The same destiny,
They pass.

Whoever you love,
Might not be here tomorrow
What do you do with that love?
Do you wait in the frame of mind,
To see what pain makes of

A victim,
An innocent or a master,
Which one comes to life,
After your felt the lost.

Sadness may stay for a long time,
Happiness suddenly could arrive
In a shape of a child’s smile,
Inviting the sun to your dark corner.

Our knowledge doesn’t make us
Content, serene or fulfill
It is just a frame in mind,
A link to your eyes,
Only heart could see beyond
Your eyes sight.
Transform the knowledge
Knowing arrives…

Life bends,  water flows
Man must love..

Whatever is your share,
Lose it with love,
Gain it with love,
Have it with love.

© Serena Devi, August 2010, Canada, Toronto

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