Day after day,
Step after step,
Ache after ache,
Traveler walks
With open hands
Holding love
Surrendering to the act.

Open gates
Invite him to a new season
Autumn is arriving.
Harvest time
When farmers stop counting
The lost corn seeds,
Praising boundless golden fields.

Seems a time has come,
When sacrifice become as light as feather
When hands covered in bruises and cuts
Cultivate the soil,
Collect the reward,
Plant a more nourished seeds
To growth a deeper essence
Full of love.

Cricket’s voice in the air,
Announcing a new cycle of moon,
Fugitive heart returns
Behind unlocked gates,
Love, her component
Breathe… deep and slow
Pressing her lips to
Warmth of their intimacy.

Hands moving deep,
To remove dead roots,
To make space for pain
To be felt, expressed
Loves’ tears,
Remedy to cure any disease
Drop after drop,
Fall on face of earth…
While darkness open up gradually
To shelter new seeds
In womb of earth…

Traveler stares at distance
A child
With an orchard in her hands,
Waving at him,
He knows,
His walk will continue
In solitude
In love….

© Serena Devi, September 2010

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