I want you

A deep breath
Eyelids come down
Heat rises inside.
Tension builds up
Walls come down.

Oh beautiful,
You have arrived,
How sweet your kisses are
How unexpected.
I never know,
When you come,
When you leave..

It amuses you to tease,
My poor heart
seduce her
Into a race
That she never wins…
Every day hope opens her white wings,
Exchange her life, for a glance,
For a smile, perhaps a kiss
Anything from you is a gift.

Heart barefoot walk on
boundless sugar canes field of yours,
Her addiction to
your sweet lips has no end.

She is tamed under your touch,
Her petals open to deep
penetration of your light,
She glows, when you smile….

I remember the day
You removed the veil off my face
I met your eyes
My finger tips found their way,
Between the curls of your long dark hair,
Unfolded each curl, tied them up to mine.
I fell sleep
On your chest,
I became so little,
Small like a white shell,
On a warm sandy shores…

Your lips moved down,
On back of my neck,
You brought my face so close,
Gazed into my soul,
My heart lost her balance,
Fell on the earth
Broken in pieces,
Pierced in each corner,
Your name shines…

Oh beautiful,
Your lips
Washed all my sins,
In white stream of love,
You gave me a new life..

Finally we made love,
Over and over
I lost all my colors,
Oh beautiful,
You left me with nothing on my own…

Life is a ritual now
I lid candles, burn sage
Become nude under
a softness of moon light,
My heart beats
like a sparrow, a pray,
Waiting to be hunt,
To make a nothing of herself…

When you arrive
Everything comes with you.

Oh beautiful,
No one knows, what loving is
Until you kiss their lips..

They become mad,
As I am since..
In dance, In tears,
Crying in joy, in pain
I want you beautiful
I want you wonderful
I want you God.

© Serena Devi, September 2010

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