At last

Back on the road again,
Nothing could escape
Heaven bells toll,
call my nature by name…
Wildness is the only promise
My heart could keep.

Stars carrying forward
The tearful bride
in search of her other half
Upside down.
The dreamy moon smiles
On the private balcony of night
On expansion of pain
In hollow veins of her heart.

Tomorrow will not be enough
To conclude the search.
Eyes will be still blur
To see the purple flowers
In casting line of season change.

Broad casting of daisies
Useless act
There is no water left
In the china vase.
From where I stand,
Tomorrow might never come
Enough or not…
Today is my only chance.
Today means being with you.

It has been always you,
Shaking me inside out
Lightning all over the sky,
What could I say,
The things you do to me, in private
In public,
It’s over flow is my scent.

Without you
Memories are just wet cloths,
Hanging on bare wire of time
Waiting to dry.

Without you
Road is a heavy parcel
On its way to arrive
At a location,
with no sign or address.
No wonder,
The departure seems
like a good gesture
To welcome an end.

Looking behind
Nothing makes sense
Agreement to this destiny
A carbon copy made of the original one
With a fake signature, and the stamp of a free will.
I gave up the copy, you mapped the original
on my skin.

It is always you,
Your presence,
In the big picture of your absence
Only makes me to want you more.

You know, I love you,
Still you sit far,
Tormenting my heart,
Teach me waiting,
Lead me to unknown landscapes
Hidden in tunnel of time.

If I miss realization
The dagger pushed inside of my heart
Reminds me of the time;
I left naked, with open wound
On cold distant rocks
On the edge of hell,
while my heart expanded in pain.
I prayed for a simple death
And one day, my senses stopped feeling
I departed from my womanly abyss
Not knowing
Where I will end.

You killing me
With hardness of waiting
I am your prisoner
In no place, in no time.

Freedom is a myth
Means nothing
On marble staircase
From my tight grave
To your cushioned throne.

It is always you
Marching in my only heart.
If I could have two hearts,
I would have live two separate lives
One as a celibate monk,
the other, an erotic courtesan.

With only one heart to give,
I just belong to the road,
I am walking on my ruins
Refusing to choose
Another lover.

Hardness of waiting
Makes me
Want you more,
Absent from tomorrows,
Leave me,
Hopelessly in love,
In hope to end the waiting.

I have never been certain
Of anything in life
Except loving you.
This is an illness
With no cure or remedy for.
The road inside of my heart promises
More wounds to come,
The dagger will cut deeper in my flesh,
Bleeding will never stop.
I pray
For a simple burial.
A dream,
to use my free will
To end this pain,
Longing for you.

Has been a long walk in desert,
No sense of satisfaction, no comfort,
Thirsty, surrender to heat
Pealed skin, thorny cactus everywhere,
Cracked lips, dry,
Wishing for a sip, a drop
To clear the throat.
Just to say one word,

You killing me
With hardness of waiting
But I can’t stop loving you.

I walk in desert
Dreaming to end my departures
Arrive like sparks of water,
Shines on your green hands.

I will not wait for tomorrows,
I give you all I have got.
Right now
Right here,
To the last drop,
I welcome a simple death.

Without you
I am a fugitive soul
Without you
I am sexuality
Trapped in a flesh
Without you,
I am in exile of myself.

The woman here,
Loves you
Without knowing why
Ease her pain,
Stop her bleeding
End the absence
The waiting
Suffocate her in your arms.

End her constant departures
At last
Let her arrives
in you.

© Serena Devi, September 2010

2 responses to “At last”

  1. Nonestop images and imaginationings … lovely ….

    I’m here for Poets’ Rally. Welcome …

    … poem on …

  2. There were so many great images in this piece. Wonderful write. Love and Light, Sender

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