In presence

Be detach from attachment
Be detach from detachment.
There is there
Because you seek it in there,
End the perseption
The outer world dissolves.

The only real
appears in here
In presence.

© Serena Devi, September 2010

3 responses to “In presence”

  1. divine……life is by chance….found your blog….worth time…on my blogroll also…thanks…

    please visit….

    will look forward to your comments… all

  2. Dear friend, Thank you for your visit and truthful note, to be a plain referee, one must be a nobody, a thinker itself is a thought, the opening to enter behind the mind, enter the bliss.
    I enjoyed your blog and added you to blogroll. Much blessing Serena

  3. divine….nice insights…..

    Referee is blissfulness who witness the match ,enjoys it the most remaining neither attached nor detached at the same time. this balanced ignorance could be termed as blissfulness.

    p.s.:- to be a good referee one has to be good player first. Spectators with neutral mind balance also enjoy blissfulness that is beyond joy and sorrow but surrounded by crowds of people this can happen as a special theory but not as general theory.

    love all

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