I am no black or white
I am no man or woman
I am no true or untrue
I am no fullness or emptiness
I am no tomorrow or yesterdays.
I am no hope or despair
I am no here or there
I am no libiration or bondage
I am no seeker or founded

I am no you or other

I am not born
Do not die.

I have not arrived
Have never been departed.

I am the undifined
flow of unknown
I am the echo of silence
I am Soul.

© Serena Devi, September 2010

4 responses to “Soul”

  1. Thanks Laz for your visit and sincere words, beauty is everywhere, in each soul, a perfect reflection…. many blessing, Serena

  2. Beautiful Soul …
    I really love this poem,has me pondering
    Thank you

  3. The echo is sometimes more pure than the voice.Would that it could be heard more often than it seems to be…

  4. divine…..

    SOUL = science of universal love…..

    love all….

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