You come to me

You come to me,
With all oceans,
All forests,
All flowers,
All essences
All origins.

You come to me,
With all mysteries
All wonders,
All serenities.

You come to me,
With endless love.
With full clarity,
With all truth,
In perfection.

You come to me
With the silent butterfly
Between your palms
And me,
Without opening the gates
Offer my heart
Welcome your butterfly.

Me, me
Without knowing,

Me, me
Without looking

Without leaving,

You come to me,
I become nothing…

In flames…
A cry rises from
my nothingness ashes
see, see
The butterfly is free.

© Serena Devi, October 2010

2 responses to “You come to me”

  1. Many thanks for your visit and lovely comment. Best wishes Serena

  2. Wow! I truly stumbled upon this poem, through no social media but instead a sleepy tired hopeful meandering in my soul.

    The butterfly image caught my eye from another blog. It’s lovely and I love your poem. Thank you.

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