Cobalt blue sky

Cobalt blue sky
In a brief moment
intimacy passes by
the brush
Softly creates
The easiest path
To be conquered by love

© Serena Devi, October 2010

2 responses to “Cobalt blue sky”

  1. If only you could have seen my smile… what a campanion you are… Thank you Ram, May all cosmic join our dance… Truly honored by your presence… Humble and in love with all.

  2. divine….sheer magic..
    .A child is walking in the garden holding one finger of mother, happy enjoying the breeze, inquires suddenly , why I like holding your hand ?. Mom answers as we transfer the data in the computer as this is data transfer of love between us . Child inquires again,this breeze is touching us , what is that?

    Mom answers that is the data transfer of love between you and cosmic intelligence.

    Child inquires again , what is the cosmic intelligence ?

    Mom answers , breath is a union between you and cosmic intelligence , and nature is a smile of god…….
    what a smile can express, many miles of words can not express….so to express gratitude
    walk is a silent conversation with nature in a universal language of love and beauty…and now go and play with your childhood friend ………..,let me watch you both together…………..

    love all..

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