Many harvest before
I came into the world

Few years after
The hole of loneliness
Became big enough
For me to cross
And fell in your presence.

Looking through your dark eyes
Became essential
Through years
It cracked all rigidness
In mind and heart
At the end of the day
Darkness made everything the same…

After passing the basic
The advance arrived
When I became so small
close to size of a dust
Stayed quiet at the corner
Of your black cloak.
you and I living
In our last house together.

Hummingbird whispers
The tale of us
How your dark forest
Surrendered my ivory lake
bit by bit
Your possessed my place.
How I yield the sweet dead.

You sang the magic song
Before dawn
Shattered all voices
Silence left behind
We began us.

You pinch my skin
Anytime I fall sleep,
You are a child
always want to play around.
I am ageing
Like a flower
Going through seasons
One day not too far
I must leave our last house
End of my possession on earth.

The next harvest
I’ll go to another world
Dark silence
is the one
who is living life.

© Serena Devi, October 2010

2 responses to “Darkness”

  1. Truth shines in darkness… Ram Thank you for your wisdom and gift of truth …. Much love and apprecaition in each pray… I am grateful… love all

  2. divine……dark silence……earth moving in dark silence….what is dark ….and what is silence …..nature of cosmic intelligence….that is the reason….the Lord Vishnu in Indian mythology is depicted in dark colour……one hand of Lord holding the ‘ Sudarshna chakra ” means mirror your self…..it is a disc moving on a static finger…or pin…… disc is neither attached or detached with the center…….body is the outer periphery and soul is the inner periphery….oneness of inner and outer periphery creates a mirror….to witness center what we can call …zero, dark silence. God….

    in mirror transparent soul and non transparent body both are important……all spiritual sciences are there for oneness of soul and body only…..

    Darkness is depth and comes with oneness of two visions of both eyes….eyes are mirror of silence …..dark silence….

    dark silence is the one who is living life…..magical truth…
    expressed with such insights….bless you divine Serena Devi…..
    love all…

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