We want intimacy

sometime ago
in us
Chose to be here
To create
Co- create with God
Fragments of the cosmos web…

The path
The purpose,
The desire to love
Choices we make all day long
Stories, dramas
We write,
play on stage of life
Imitation never stops.

We want intimacy
We yearn, we burn
Never learn
Not even after thousand years
It is neither a man or woman
That we seek.
We play all tricks not to feel
not to know what is behind the face…
Soul is a small word
for such a big presence
We fear that you really exist
Horrified if you not…

So lost under the constant wheel turns
Ups and downs
We can’t even trust our own heart….
And we ask you for miracles
with eyes width shut.

I am coming to end of me,
Only you know,
How tired I am to pretend
That I really care
To stay or leave.
Either way, I can’t stop the ache
The longing for you.

Life is not about little me
my big plans to save the world
Or even worse
own it.
Life is your will,
That I learnt
In a hard way.

We never grasp you
Through doing
but we need to fill the holes
We go to work,
Make plans,
Solve sudoku
Play games on iPod
Coffee date for lunch
Divorce court after a weekend.

We full the calendar
With events, activities
we yearn to be held
In someone’s heart.
A witness
called love.

There is no space left
To catch our breath
Again we lie
And say
We are moving forward.

A yellow rose,
A quiet lake,
A cool summer night
A warmth caring embrace
A meal with a friend
A hand giving help
A child smile
All simple things
All meet in being
All goes towards you.
And again we lie
Collect zeros in our saving account.

You speak to us from everywhere
And we only see the way to sky,
We want your attention
Manifested in things,
Taking us away from
We want intimacy
We are numb to feel
Our own heart.

Now you know
I am coming to my end
Simply blow your wind
I cross over
Make an empty place
For you

© Serena Devi, October 2010

2 responses to “We want intimacy”

  1. Thanks Ram, your comments are the rise of sun… see the change and be in the flow… joy and freedom. Much blessing

  2. divine…….and wonderful Serena Devi…..deep insights…

    we try to know every thing outside……and at last everything do not know you…..so know one inside and you will know everything outside……be in love with God ….the only one…
    and in everyone…..

    love all as God…..have a feeling …and see change around…


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