I believed in many things

I believed in many things…
Did they resonate the truth,
were they real?…

There is a boundless space
For all unspoken
Unsaid parts
Waiting within
In depth of timelessness
Tenderly, pressing their needs
On the edge of desire
To be heard.
Beneath ground
Moist, ready to spread.

I used to measure life
With small cubes of belief
What happened?
They didn’t fit!

No one heard my scream.

Change is a deaf player
With big wet sponge in hand
Washed unwanted lines,
With a sharp steel knife
Took the rough stones out.
Emptied the place,
Flow did the rest,
the magnificent shot.

The softness of night
Holding the full moon
Merging light
Changing the background’s shape.
While silent stars
Moving my carriage
Closer to your centre.

My beliefs
there and then
Fell into quiet pond.

My dark king walked toward me
Will all his grace
Golden leaf in his palms
Fresh, plain
Clear of all reflections.

Showed me the way
To the high place
Beyond the clouds
Where we kissed
And stars smiled.

I get anxious
Anytime I think of you
Kissing my lips again
Endless wanting
Pulling me
closer and closer.

My circle around your centre
Will rest in peace
As a breath
Between your open lips.

This is the only belief
Left unchanged.

© Serena Devi, October 2010

6 responses to “I believed in many things”

  1. Dear laz, I am so pleased that you enjoyed this poem, It is wonderful to cross the world and share the beauty and all that comes with it. It is a true pleasure and honor to walk alongside souls like you and ram. Much love and blessing

  2. Amazingly Beautiful poetry…life ..Love..human condition…
    I loved every single word 🙂
    Thank you for sharing this one, Serena
    Peace to you, my friend

  3. Dear Chris, Thank you for your comment and visit… I only a reflection of your own wonderful heart and beauty of your soul…. I am grateful. Serena

  4. To define these words as powerful would be a misnomer,but my friend again leaves me to near stunned silence with her beauty casualy strolling on page…..

  5. Dear Ram, I really liked your comment thank you for your wonderful light and happiness that comes through it. Many blessing Love all

  6. divine Serena Devi……your poem is a Bliss rain….all beliefs….washed away….knowing dirt the dirt is whiteness….whiteness was hiding within the cloth only….

    my circle around your centre
    With rest in peace
    As a breath
    Between your open lips.

    This is the only belief
    Left unchanged.

    happiness …… breath to breath , happiness……. thread to bread , happiness ……. eat to sleep , happiness …………… occupies your being , a to z of ”creative enlightenment”…………

    breath in love…breath out happiness….with god… between the open lips….

    love all..


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